Earth Vision Institute welcomes you to Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate (GTP), an innovative online multimedia tool for climate education.

Acclaimed photographer James Balog and his team bring you the latest in climate science education, featuring unique archives of media, film, photography, and first-hand accounts of our changing climate.  

  • GTP’s chapter-by-chapter lessons combine art, science, and adventure.

  • Compelling animations, time-lapse and science videos, photographs, field expedition stories and special clips from the James Balog’s documentary films Chasing Ice and The Human Element are just a few of the highlights!

Students and Educators

Educators and students of all ages can use this free interactive educational tool to gain a fresh perspective on our biggest global challenge: our changing climate. Getting The Picture offers a modern, interdisciplinary approach to teaching climate science. Especially useful for middle and high school levels, this educational content extends far beyond Earth science alone and incorporates the arts, social and natural sciences.

Earth Vision Institute

The mission of Earth Vision Institute's (EVI) mission is to inspire a balanced relationship between humans and nature through the fusion of Art+Science. EVI expeditions capture innovative images and compelling stories of our changing world to educate and empower individuals to take action. The Earth Vison Institute is based in Boulder, Colorado.


James Balog


James Balog is a world-renowned, award-winning photographer who has been photographing and artistically interpreting the natural environment for four decades.

Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey team are featured in the internationally acclaimed, award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice. His most recent film, The Human Element, is an innovative and visually stunning look at how humanity interacts with earth, air, fire and water. He is the author of eight books. Balog’s photos have been extensively published in major magazines, including National Geographic, and exhibited at museums and galleries worldwide.

"On behalf of our entire team, I am thrilled to share our latest adventure, Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate. For several decades, I have been on hundreds of journeys and expeditions to capture the massive changes happening around the world. For the first time ever, these compelling images, film and personal stories are being used to teach the latest in climate science to students and educators through this innovative and inspiring education tool."


Our sincere gratitude to all who contributed their time, energy, expertise, and passion to Getting the Picture.

Lead Author: Karina Yager

Production Management: Sport

Photographs & Videos: James Balog, Jeff Orlowski/Exposure Labs, Matthew Kennedy, Stephen Nowland, Jason Box, Konrad Steffen

Web Design & Development: Kelly Anderson, Design con Carne  /  Programming: Rich (“Zig”) Zigrino

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